Sitecom Cloud Security
About Sitecom Cloud Security
Protect your home network against cybercrime

Secure router with
Sitecom Cloud Security
your home network
Unsecure router without
Sitecom Cloud Security
your home network
Hitman Pro Powered by patent pending Hitman Pro technology from SurfRight
  • Safe web browsing experience
  • Built-in security inside the router
  • Centralized protection layer against phishing/ID theft, fraud, unwanted advertisements and additional protection against viruses and other malware
  • Protect your computer (desktop PC and notebook) and all other devices connected to your network such as your iPad/iPod, Smartphone, Game Console, Media Player, Connected TV and Blu-Ray player
  • Activate in just one click your free 6 months subscription. The free subscription will not automatically be extended
  • Can be disabled after activation at any time
  • No need to install updates
  • Sitecom Cloud Security works as additional security, but it does not replace the antivirus software on your computer